Why TechGaze Hosting?

We provide your business with an all inclusive package for one set price. We do not charge setup fees, we do not charge for extra email accounts and your rates will never go up.

All of our hosting and cloud servers offer unmatched security, complete flexibility and are located in high performance and secured data centers.

Our Standard Packages

Basic (Shared) Hosting
Our shared hosting package are geared toward small to medium sized business. Unlike other hosting providers, we only host 20 accounts per server because we care about how fast your emails are being delivered and how fast your web application is running.
✔ Unlimited Traffic
✔ 20 Email Accounts
✔ Email Virus Protection
✔ Email Spam Protection
✔ 20 FTP accounts
✔ 10 GB Web Space
✔ 2 MySql Databases
✔ Daily Backup
✔ Only 20 accounts / server
$10 / month.
Private Server
Our private server package are geared toward medium to large sized business with a larger number of users and more demanding applications.
✔ Unlimited Traffic
✔ Unlimited Email Accounts
✔ Email Virus Protection
✔ Email Spam Protection
✔ Unlimited MySql Databases
✔ 2 X 1 TB Hard Drives
✔ Intel® Xeon® E3-1220
✔ 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz
✔ Daily Backup
✔ Fully Managed Server
$200 / month.

Cloud Services
Our cloud packages are customized to best fit your business needs. We provide cloud storage & Could Computing packages starting at:
$40 / month.

Our Custom Packages

We offer custom packages including more powerful shared hosting solutions and multiple server configuration. Contact us today for your free consultation.

We provide quality web hosting packages offering your business high performance online presence and maximum email reliablity.