Are you looking for new ways to engage customers, capture leads, or fine-tune your business model for the mobile web? TechGaze analyzes your organization's exact needs and we create a mobile solution to meet them with none of the unnecessary fluff.

Many leave mobile web on the backburner when it really should be on the forefront. TechGaze specializes in bringing desktop web applications to the mobile web, making them accessible to a wide array of devices without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

After analyzing and understanding your specific mobile needs, TechGaze integrates with your current website so you enter content once and have it display formatted for mobile, tablet and desktop. Developing a single mobile web application means that it can then be used on a great number of mobile devices. You’re not restricted to only Android devices or the iPhone.

Mobile Apps

Sometimes creating a native application makes sense for your business model. If that’s the case we can help determine the best platform to develop on depending on your user base. Maybe your salesforce is standardized on iPhone? Perhaps your largest customer uses Android or Windows Phone. We will develop the application based on your specific needs.